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It’s been wonderful to design for my client Joanna den Haan, of Coalescence Consulting. The meaningful work she’s doing in the world is inspiring. She cares deeply about community, belonging, and racial justice. There’s nothing better than developing the branding for change makers. Here’s a peek behind my process.

Consultant Mood Board | Passage Hill Studio

Joanna lives in Seattle so we began with a phone conversation and then we developed a brand mood board on Pinteres. This helped me gain key insights into her business, style inclination, and branding needs. Coalescence means “to blend or come together” and “to cause to unite in one body”. In her consulting business Joanna creates conditions for connection, stewards people through a process, and holds a space for them to work together and experience their own breakthroughs.

Color Palettes for Consultants | Passage Hill Studio | Logo Designer | Branding

Joanna loves color and wanted to incorporate bright hues into her brand. I developed various color palettes, a few of which you can see above.

Logo Design, Passage Hill Studio, Branding Suite, Branding for Consultant

Since coalescence means to “come together”, it was important the logo represent pieces coming together to form wholeness. Here are several beginning drafts of the logo.

Logo development for social entrepreneur, passage hill studio

Joanna will often work with organizations and companies so I selected a bolder weight font that had a bit more visual strength to it and wasn’t as delicate. With the font, I aimed to communicate steadiness and a firm foundation for Joanna’s consulting practice. Here’s another iteration of the logo.

Logo Developer, Brand Developer, Consulting, Passage Hill Studio

This is the final color palette is rich, bold, vibrant, and fun. The forest green brings a touch of sophistication and the teal, mustard, and orange pair nicely in the final logo.

Web Designer for Change Makers and Social Entrepreneurs, Passage Hill Studio

Joanna had a great start but requested help with her pre-existing website. I developed several pieces of the website so that her brand would have a cohesive visual appearance. I created a custom background and favicon, different header image options for each page, changed the color scheme, and incorporated her logo. I also advised on several website tech questions she had along the way.

Graphic Design for #SocEnt

She wanted to be able to use pieces of her logo in other ways and I made sure the white lines and “C”s of the logo can be adapted and used within her branding. Whether she’s creating flyers, social media posts, or images for her website, she has what she needs to stay on brand.

Business Cards for Social Entrepreneurs, Brand Developer Passage Hill Studio

I love how her business cards turned out. They’re fun but professional and quickly convey Joanna’s credentials and how she helps organizations.

Graphic & Web Design for Change Makers

Graphic & Web Design for Change MakersIf you’re a world-changing entrepreneur with daring dreams and you’re looking to make them a reality — I’m here to help. I’m booking clients for the next two months and would love to save a spot for you. Here’s how we can work together.

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