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Making time to practice your craft is important.

Are you leaving room to play and follow your passion on your own terms? In the middles of client projects, teaching students, writing, or organizing humanitarian causes — is there time to explore?

I’ve been making time to develop fun and creative branding suites. It’s moments spent getting my hands dirty with paint, drawing, scanning, patterning making, and collaging.

While designing this collection of branding I was trying to enjoy the summer day, which does’t come naturally for this winter-loving girl. These cheerful, sunny colors found their way into this project and quite appropriately shifted my ‘wary-of-summer’ mood.

Color Palette | Passage Hill Studio

Are you stretching and growing?

Do you make time for practicing, making mistakes, learning? The more you do what you love, the more you’ll develop your body of work. You’ll learn where you love and loathe to give your time. You’ll uncover what brings joy and what brings angst.

Surface Pattern Designer, Branding Suite, Passage Hill Studio

When your work piles up…

You’ll look back at this work (which is birthed out of play) and see patterns of who you are. Who you’re becoming. You’ll notice a thread of what you’re called to do connecting moments of your exploration.

For me, it’s patterns. Whimsical colors, patterns, and textures are popping up everywhere in my work. It’s encouraging to know my hand drawn touches add that ‘made-just-for-you’ specialness to designs.

I couldn’t help applying this branding to a gift bag. Wouldn’t this be the cutest bag for a summer picnic in the park or a birthday gift for a friend?

What about you? Where’s your play time leading you?

Surface Pattern Design | Passage Hill Studio

What are you noticing?

A friend and I talked last week about the things we’re noticing, paying attention to, being inspired and encouraged by.

So — what’s making its way into your consciousness? What keeps showing up? Asking you to work with it, write it, compose it, dance it, help it, read it, make it?

Custom Designed Gift Bag | Passage Hill Studio

What will you commit to?

Tell me in the comments below what avenues you’ll make time to explore. Have you noticed any patterns emerging from past work?

And if you’re a world-changer with daring dreams and you’re looking to express them uniquely… I’m here to help with web and graphic design. My schedule is filling up for July/August but I’d love to save a spot for you.


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  • Tishana June 23, 2016, 12:15 pm

    I absolutely love these colors and what you’ve created. I’m a Fall girl myself so I tend to like muted, earth toned colors, so I completely understand your winter style. But, you’ve really been having a lot of fun with colors lately and it definitely shows in your work! That bag!! Yes :)

    I’ve noticed, after looking through old notebooks that I’ve had over the years, that I am finally circling back to the things that I used to be so excited by. I want to make time for those things, do it for fun, because I enjoy it, and hopefully it will have a lasting place in my future. It’s funny how things happen that way. Anyway, enough rambling…I loved this post!!

    • Alysa June 23, 2016, 12:55 pm

      Hey! Thank you, Tishana. :)

      Absolutely a fall/winter girl too. I really like muted, rich colors too. I’m glad I can play with colors though.

      Circling back is a great way to put it. Glad you’re moving back towards the things you really enjoy. I’m sure they’ll have a place in your future.

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