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When my client, Tori, saw Outpost’s website she exclaimed, “Every site you create is different! It’s like you give each one it’s own awesome personality!” I couldn’t have said it better myself. While this site doesn’t fall into my usual bright and minimalist style it fits the client and Outpost very well. That’s what good branding is: a reflection of you and your vision!

Here’s a peek behind the design — a look at how I developed the branding and website for Outpost.

Outpost Logo

Tori shared with me that Outpost grew out of a simple community survey which revealed some pretty big needs:
“I feel judged by church people.”
“I’m interested in finding out more about God.”
“Sunday mornings don’t work for me.”
“I want my kids to have something fun.”
“I want to make a difference in my community.”

A team of people came together and prayed about creating an environment that would meet those needs. And Outpost, a Sunday night gathering for people who “don’t do church”, was born.

When Tori approached me to design their website they already had a logo, which you see above. I wanted to carefully weave Tori’s ideas for the site around the pre-existing logo.

Brand Designer | Passage Hill Studio

We had a meaningful conversation over lunch and spent time discussing the look and feel she wanted to convey with the website. Relational and remote, weathered and rustic, with touches of warmth. Stories would be central. I developed this mood board after we spent time envisioning the site.



I decided on several colors and created textures for the website.

website header photos

I wanted each page to have a strong visual representation of the vision Tori hoped the site would evoke so I accomplished this with carefully selected photographs. I placed text overlays on some of the images.

Icons | Passage Hill Studio

We wanted to keep the text on the site to a minimum so Tori’s daughter (who’s in marketing) and I found and developed a few icons that would represent specific portions of the Outpost experience.


When looking for photos for the site I found several that worked well but they all looked a little different from each other. Here are a few before color editing. I made sure each photo had the same brightness, warm hue, and color quality so that their brand would look cohesive and achieved this by careful photo editing. You can see how the photos turned out and learn more about Outpost on their website.

Website Design | Passage Hill Studio

If you’re a world-changing entrepreneur or non-profit with daring dreams and you’re looking to make them a reality… I’m here to help with web and graphic design. My schedule is filling up quickly for these next two months (July/August) but I’d love to save a spot for you.


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