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Social Entrepreneurship Web Designer, Passage Hill Studio

This week’s “Behind the Design” is special! Not only will I give you a peek behind the process of creating Cheryl’s brand, website, and printed collateral for her coaching business, you’ll get to meet her in interview form.

Simple Mood Board for Life Coach

Cheryl and I began her project with a meaningful conversation in order for me to understand her needs and the hopes of her coaching clients. She’s an awesomely straightforward person and we developed a mood board to reflect her desire to keep things simple and meaningful. As she went through the process of certification and then stared her coaching practice, she knew she wanted to work with people who are honest, genuine, motivated, goal oriented, logical, optimistic (w/ spiritual belief), good and effective communicators, and who desire accountability. She’s passionate about helping her clients overcome their roadblocks to self-care and wholehearted living.

Creative Logos for Life Coaches , Passage Hill Studio

Her coaching business is called “Every Season Coaching” and as I began rough draft logo sketches, the nature theme really rose to the surface.

Color Branding | Passage Hill Studio

After Cheryl chose several rough draft logos that I’d develop further, I selected several custom color palettes that could represent her business.


The coaching logo went through a number of rounds of revision and we landed on a final version (bottom right).

Good Business Cards for Life Coaches, Passage Hill Studio

In addition to business cards, and her website (which you can see here) I designed various brand collateral for Cheryl, including: worksheets, email freebies, social media images, letterhead and thank you cards.

Cheryl McGrath, Certified Coach, Branding for Life Coaches

I’ve had the honor of regularly working with Cheryl as my coach. Her perceptive listening and thought-provoking questions have ushered meaningful transformation into my life and design business. She’s helped me move from uncertainty and stalling to clarity and action in a variety of areas. From setting attainable goals, to focusing on life-giving projects that engage my gifts, to finding balance between rest and work, to personal development and planning for the future, to embracing health and wellness — she’s been there. Cheryl’s coached my true desires from their hiding places and offered me the accountability I needed to press into the life I’ve longed for.

Meet Cheryl (in interview form)!

[Alysa] I often hear the question, “I wouldn’t know what to talk to a life coach about. Where do you even start?” As a certified life coach, what kind of challenges do you help people with?


  • I’m a personal coach for your life, providing accountability and support. Here’s the Archeologist vs. Architect analogy: We’re not digging for treasures in the past we’re designing a building for the future.
  • I help people to make a change (i.e. find different career, adapt to job change or retirement, establish personal boundaries, take better care of yourself, improve time management, change your daily habits, become better organized).
  • I also help people to reach a goal (i.e. improve your fitness, eat healthier food, get better sleep, do more writing, learn a new skill, complete a project).

[Alysa] What’s one of your biggest challenges as a life coach or running your own business?


  • Coaching: staying motivated and focused, deciding what resources will be most helpful
  • Business: marketing my coaching services, managing my part-time (coaching) schedule

[Alysa] What brings you joy through your coaching practice and/or working with clients?


  • Providing encouragement and sharing ideas and resources
  • Listening to understand what someone needs and how to support them
  • Helping someone gain a new insight about themselves or a challenging situation
  • Celebrating a client’s success in achieving a goal or overcoming a roadblock

[Alysa] What’s one of your favorite quotes?


  • “You will never have enough, do enough, or be enough, until you see yourself today as enough.” – Cindy Keating
  • (And another one: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt)

[Alysa] What’s delighting you this month?


  • It’s summer in Michigan! I love feeling the warm sunshine, smelling the flowers, hearing the singing birds, walking outside with a friend, watching the garden grow, and sitting on the porch reading a book.

[Alysa] If you could leave my readers with a tidbit of advice or encouragement today, what would it be?


  • Believe in yourself! You are capable of doing more than you think you can.
  • Take care of yourself first to be able to take care of everything else in your life.

To hear more of Cheryl’s story and see how she might help you on your own journey towards self-care and whole hearted living, visit her website: www.everyseasoncoaching.com. She has a free self-care worksheet waiting for you.

And if you’re a world-changing entrepreneur with daring dreams and you’re looking to make them a reality… I’m here to help with web and graphic design. My schedule is filling up for these next two months but I’d love to save a spot for you.


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