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Is a standing desk fun to use?

Is the standing desk HYPE real?

You’ve seen the articles, read the blog posts — standing desks are supposedly great for your health. This is my second week with a sit/stand desk from Ikea and I wanted to share the real life experience of how it’s going. But first let’s back up a bit…

Has there been a time in your life when you felt vital, alive, healthy, strong and happy?

That life was a reality for me when I spent a summer as a camp counselor during college. Everyday I was outside, walking, hiking, running, jumping, swimming, and playing. I spent hours standing up as I cared for campers and watched them on the climbing wall, archery range, and playing capture the flag. Each night I’d fall asleep happily exhausted, smelling of sun block and bug spray.

One of the reasons I felt wonderful?

Because I was moving and standing up everyday.

Then came graduation and full-time work. Folded up in an office chair, half pretzel half sloth was my go-to body shape, for the past 10 years. One knee tucked up under my booty, torso slouched to the right hovering over the mouse. Holding my breath. Slowly transforming my frame into a weak blob. Yes, I’d take stretch breaks, go for jogs, and workout but still felt lackluster.

I’ve been looking into a standing desks for a year and a half. Many were wildly expensive… touch screen remotes and all. I pinned a few ‘Build Your Own’ wall-mounted standing desk options but wasn’t quite sold on those ideas. Spring hit and purchasing a standing desk was a top priority.

Ikea Standing Desk Review | Passage Hill Studio | Graphic & Web Designer

This adjustable sit/stand desk from Ikea was the gem I’d been envisioning. If you’re considering purchasing a standing desk, do your research and find one that fits your space, needs, and life.

Real Life Standing Desk Benefits after a Week and a Half.

I was excited to try the standing desk but didn’t know if the internet-hype of the standing desk was real. Here’s what I’ve noticed over the past week and a half of slowly easing into working at my standing desk a few hours a day.

  • Muscles throughout my body quiver — finally being more adequately used after years of sitting.
  • No longer holding my breath as I work.
  • Feel muscle groups activated throughout the remainder of my day.
  • Physically more worn out at the end of the day (instead of simply receiving a mental workout).
  • Mind and body feel much more integrated.
  • More focus + creativity because my body can fidget and move while I work.
  • Easier to be mindful of holding good posture.
  • Effortless to move about my studio office and grab things I need.
  • Calves burning.
  • Energy feels like it’s flowing more freely in my body, it’s no longer stunted.

All that in just a week and a half; I’m amazed.

When my legs tire, I simply lean back and prop myself on the edge of my “gumdrop stool” (as my husband so hilariously calls it).

What I like about this desk is the sit/stand capability. It has a sturdy crank for lowering and raising the desk for optimal working height. And if I need to sit for a short session – the desk lowers down in a matter of seconds. Versatility is great, isn’t it?

Yes, for me, the standing desk hype is real.

Here’s a peek at the other areas I’m revamping in my home studio office.

Using Pinterest, I created vision boards for the visual look and feel I wanted my studio office exude. Minimalist with a cozy, artistic flair. Space to read hordes of business books, paint, sketch, design.

Graphic Designer's Office Mood Board

Warm yet grounded. Fuchsias, oranges, reds, and purples combined with emerald greens, soft blue, and minty accents. I adore handmade and hand painted goodies and want them tucked around the room.

Office Mood Board for Graphic Designer, Graphic Designer West Michigan

Here’s my reading, thinking, brainstorming nook and recently built closet. My uncle did the painting; I think it’s what started the warm cheery inspiration for the whole room.

Reading Nook in Home Studio

Wrapping Up

The standing desk hype is real for me. You might love one too.

What’s one positive change you could make to your workspace TODAY in order to increase your flow, happiness, functionality and enjoyment of the space? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Marcia May 18, 2016, 11:16 am

    Hey Alysa,
    Our son, Dan recently added a stand for his computer and uses a treadmill while he works. He says the very slow walking took a bit to get used to but he felt benefits within a week! I will forward this to Sarah and Dan. thanks!

    • Alysa May 18, 2016, 11:32 am

      Oh that’s so fun, Marcia. I can see how it’d take time to get used to a treadmill. Thanks for forwarding this along. Hope you’re well.

  • Tishana Richards May 18, 2016, 2:03 pm

    I love your office and nook space! It looks so bright and cozy. I’m glad to hear that you’re seeing results right away, that is awesome! For me, one thing I could do is finally organize my office. It’s been a mess! I’ve noticed that when my office space is messy and unorganized, so are my thoughts and productivity for the day. Beautiful post :)

    • Alysa May 18, 2016, 2:35 pm

      Thanks Tishana! I know, I can hardly believe it.
      Isn’t that the truth! Whenever my space becomes messy, it’s hard to process, create, and get work done. Hope you can have some fun infusing more organization into your office today. :)

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