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You often see my polished-up finished designs but rarely see behind the scenes. In this series on the blog called, “Behind the Design“, I give you a peek at my process of crafting fun and memorable branding pieces and designs for my world-changing clients.

Optin Freebie Designer | Passage Hill Studio

In this post I’ll share my most recent design project — an optin e-book for Nikki Groom, who’s an inspiring copywriter and boss storyteller. She’ll be sharing this freebie on her website with people who subscribe to her email list.

Mood Board | Passage Hill Studio
Nikki and I started her project with a conversation in order for me to get to know her and understand the vision for the optin e-book, ‘The Story Effect: How to Craft and Unforgettable Story that Influences, Inspires, and Converts’. Using her brand mood board as inspiration for the optin was key.

Colors and Fonts | Passage Hill Studio

Since Nikki’s brand is already established it was important that I use her existing color palette and fonts to develop the optin piece. This helps keep her visuals consistent with one another to reinforce her brand and work in this world.

hand drawn and hand painted elements for freebie optin cover | Passage Hill Studio

Nikki’s mood board was full of hand drawn elements. I love to paint and draw so I scribbled and brushed several unique marks that I could use to give the optin e-book a one-of-a-kind flair.

Optin Cover Design, Freebie Design, Passage Hill Studio

Here’s how some of those painted brushstrokes and crayon marks look when they’re combined for the optin cover. Nikki worked with an illustrator named Amber (you can find her on IG: @heyinstigator) for the edgy lettering on her website. She wanted to carry over the same look for the optin piece and had Amber letter ‘The Story Effect’ title in a rad hot pink.

Awesome Freebie Cover Designs | Passage Hill Studio

For several interior pages of the optin e-book I carried over the bold black brush strokes as a border for the layout.

Optin Freebie Ideas | Passage Hill Studio

I also used a green border and varied scribbled marks on several interior pages that showcased stories and Nikki’s many writing tips. I was sure to incorporate a fair amount of white space in the layout so the text felt fresh and easily readable.

Nikki Groom's Optin

So what does it look like when we put it all together? Check out Nikki’s optin e-book over on her website right here. It’s nine pages of killer tips to help you write an incredible story that influences, inspires, and converts.

If you’re a world changer with daring dreams and you’re looking to make them a reality… I’m here to help with design. My schedule is filling up quickly for these next two months (May/June) but I’d love to save a spot for your project! Click below to contact me.


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