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Are you ready for new clients to come your way?

Today’s tips for finding your next awesome clients begin with worthwhile steps you can take while you wait. [Here's Day 1 of the Series] [Day 2]

“I will prepare and some day my chance will come.” – Abraham Lincoln

Do good work even when you don’t have clients.

When you’re looking for new clients — keep working. Keep practicing your craft and sharing it with others. Austin Kleon has tried and true tips for sharing your work.

If you’re a singer looking for your next gig… don’t simply look for your next gig. Sing! Share that singing online. Break out your guitar and share that singing in a park. Offer to sing at a friend’s backyard garden party.

You never know who might hear and hire you or pass your name along. Keep building your body of work and sharing it with others. Love what you do and show it in process.

Be Ready!

Know what kind of clients and customers you’re looking for. When you’re out and about or connecting with others online you might be asked, “What type of clients can I send your way?” Be prepared with an answer.

Have business cards on you at all times.

You’re walking your dog in the park and run into another dog lover. You strike up a conversation with them on the park bench. The chit chat turns to work. Guess what?

He needs the service you offer! “Hey! I’m looking for an event planner for my dad’s 60th.” The last thing you want is to fumble as you try and scribble your name and email on a crumpled gum wrapper. Keep your purse or wallet stocked with business cards.

There’ve been multiple times when I’m out and about, hardly thinking of on-boarding clients. But before you know it I’m in the produce aisle handing my business card to someone at their request.

Know what you’ve been up to!

When folks ask what you’ve been up to don’t say, “Oh busy. You know.” Share something genuine. Have a meaningful answer that’s 90% life and 10% business. “Life. Life. Life. Oh! I’m also working on this project, ____ is what’s making it fun, and I think it’ll have lasting impact because ____.”

Sharing a tidbit about what you’ve been up to (and why you’re loving it) places your work in front of folks. It introduces (or reminds) them what you do, what makes you tick, and plants a seed for potential clients to come your way.

Try a different medium!

If your main medium is blog posting, try showcasing yourself to your audience in a different way. Do you need more visuals? What about charts? Why not give the broadcasting tools Periscope or Blab a try? Tweet. Youtube. Hang out in your community if you mostly seek clients online.

By creating content in a variety of forms you’ll be meeting potential customers in the way they absorb information best, and on a variety of platforms they use.

Make freebies for your blog posts.

Create a one page, helpful, pdf to compliment your blog posts. Checklists, note pages, actionable steps. In these downloadable freebies, link to your contact info. When people use your resource they’ll be reminded of who you are, how you help, and your website address. This is also a great way to up your email subscriber list.

Are you ready to handle new clients?

I know that may sound silly, but are you prepared to put in the work? To handle a slew of new clients coming your way? Are you putting off finding new clients because you don’t have systems in place to handle them once you acquire them?

Are you stressed when you find clients because there’s a lot to organize, keep track of, work on, and deadlines to meet? Get set up so you can dive in. This is especially helpful if multiple clients come your way at one time.

Today’s ‘finding new clients’ challenge!

Pick one tip from the list above and put it to work in your business. Which one will you commit to work on today? Let me know in the comments below. And remember… do everything you can to be prepared before potential clients come your way.

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