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Meaningful 'Asks' to Help You Find Your Next Client | Passage Hill Studio

Make meaningful asks to find clients.

As we wrap up the week of client-finding tips let’s cover the meaningful asks you can make to bring clients your way. [Here's Day 1 of the Series] [Day 2] [Day 3] [Day 4]

Ask current clients for testimonials and referrals.

When you wrap up a project or interaction with a current client or customer thank them and ask if they’d write you a short testimonial of your work together. Place these testimonials on your website or share them on social media.

Kindly tell them that you often grow your business through referrals and word of mouth. “Since you’ve enjoyed working with me and are highly satisfied with the outcome of the project, please pass my name along to anyone you think could benefit from working with me.” It doesn’t have to sound tight laced as this, this is simply a starting place.

If you want to take it a step further you could ask for email or in person introductions to the folks they have in mind.

Ask for feedback on a project or product.

Start in on a project, then put it out on social media and ask for feedback. Developing a new $10 recipe ebook for your food blog? Let folks into the process. “I’m sharing two veggie-packed recipes that’ll be featured in my upcoming ebook. I want to be sure I have the flavors just right. Test them out and let me know what you think! What adjustments could I make?”

Have an Etsy shop for your painted creations? Try asking, “I’m not sure which frame to put this painting in. Black or white? Which one really helps the painting stand out?”

People will have a tendency to get involved and remember you and what you offer because you gave them the opportunity to provided insight. Ask for input regularly and your potential client/customer base will feel they have vested interest in what you create for them.

Be vulnerable. Ask for support and help.

Let people know who you are. No, you don’t have to be overly nitty gritty online — but take off your superhero-professional-businessperson mask every now and then. What this does is gives people common ground and makes you relatable because they face struggles too.

Call out for help online, “Not feeling like doing my accounting today. It’s super draining. Anyone have any tips to make it more fun?” Or, “I’m going to print a batch of my paintings but I’m looking for a high quality online print shop. Who would you recommend?” “I’m hosting an online workshop on ____. What broadcasting programs are your favorites?”

It’s refreshing when a business person doesn’t have all the answers. It shows their human side, and at least for me, makes me like and trust them all the more.

Let people know you’re booking clients.

If you’re taking on new customers or clients, let people know every month or two, depending on your client cycle. Your announcements don’t have to be obtrusive. Make a nice graphic or photo to use as your header photo on Facebook, on your website, and other social media accounts. “Now booking photography sessions for April & May.” It’ll reminds folks what you offer and how you can help.

Also considered including your “now booking statement” in your email signature with a reminder of your services. Keep it short and sweet! “Now Booking Spring 2016: Family Portrait Sessions, Easter Photos, Infant Sessions.”

Prayer and positivity.

I know not everyone follows a spiritual path, or the same path I do. Please do what works for you. What I’ve found though, is great encouragement from prayer and surrounding myself with positivity. Something I often pray in terms of life and business is, “Establish what you desire in my life, God.” And he does. The more I pray and surrender, the more my business grows.

Place positive mantras and uplifting words in your workspace. One of my favorites is Psalm 44:3, “Is was not by their sword that they won the land, nor did their arm bring them victory; it was your right hand, your arm, and the light of your face, for you loved them.” This reminds me that everything I have and do is from God and the gifts he pours out on me.

Today’s ‘finding new clients’ challenge!

Pick one tip from the list above and put it to work in your business. Which one will you commit to work on today? Let me know in the comments below. And remember… sometimes all you need to do to find your next client is make a meaningful ask.

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