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Set Yourself Up to Live Well & Do Meaningful Work | Passage Hill Studio #worklifebalance #entrepreneur #socialimpact

Are you prepared to live well and do your best work today?

If you think about it… it’s all about the setup! Ensuring that you’re ready to press into the day before you. Daily rhythms are smoother when you have all you need in place for a meaningful day.

Make Your List

What would make today great? What moments of work and play lay before you? Is there anything you can do to setup those moments so there’s less resistance to dig into them? Make a list of what you’d like to accomplish for fun and work today, this week, and even this month.

Once you have your list, begin devising your plan of setup and preparation. Here are some areas that I consider on a regular basis:


What do you do for work? What areas could use preparation?

Do you need write down a description of your ideal client/project and post it near your desk as a reminder of the work you’ll agree to? What about taking note of the impact you want to have, and change you want to make in this world? Is your “why” visible as you work?

Could you keep a file of blog post ideas next to your computer? What supplies for your next project can you set up in your office? Are there templates (Word, Photoshop, Blog Image, Podcast) you could create that would make workflow easier?

What systems could you put in place to make client acquisition, client projects, invoicing, accounting, managing your members site, selling your ebook, writing, stocking your Etsy shop easier?

What processes can you weave into your daily work schedule so you’re not recreating the wheel every time you begin?

Reflection & Reading & Writing

Do you enjoy reading, journaling, or reflecting? What would make it easier to dive into that activity? Set your book, notebook, and pen on a side table near the couch/chair you like to read in. Schedule in time for reading, scribbling notes on what you read, and reflecting on the wisdom you uncover.

If you’re searching the house for your book/pen/notebook your reading session might be cut short. Or, you’ll be interrupted mid-sentence when you realize you’d like to write a quote down but you forgot your pen on your desk.


Want to make it out for a bike ride? Set your gear in one place. Fill your water bottle the night before your ride. Want to stick to your yoga practice? Set up an area with your yoga mat where you can spend time each day. Hitting the trails for a run? Gather your shoes and clothes and put them by the door.

Eat Well

Set yourself up to eat well by finding healthy recipes (pin them on Pinterest if you need to), make a grocery list full of healthy items and stick to it as you shop. Allot time each day (or on a weekend if you’re cooking in batches) to prep and cook your meals. This will save you from making last minute ‘fast-food’ decisions.


What do you love doing after your daily work has ended? Is it nature photography? Painting? Landscaping? Baking?

What can you do to set up your materials, tools, and supplies so that you’re ready the moment you want to play?

Do you need to make ready a small painting table in a nook of your home? Organize your recipes, cook books, and ingredients? Charging your camera battery? Set out your rake, shovel, and vegetable seed packets?

Eliminate Your Roadblocks

You won’t face as many roadblocks to doing what you love when you setup your days and prepare all you need for the tasks at hand.


Remember that setups, preparation, and systems can be flexible. Try it one way for a while. If you don’t like a certain preparation, change it up and make it more you. Do what works!

What area of your work or life needs setup?

What’s one area of your work or life that you’d like to be more prepared in? Share with me in the comments below.

This awesome stock photo came from ieTishana. She has a free photo-set for you!

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