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Using Groups to Find Your Next Client | Passage Hill Studio

Are you ready for new clients to come your way?

Today’s tips for finding new clients begin with joining groups and making the most of them. [Here's Day 1 of the Series] [Day 2] [Day 3]

Find a Mastermind Group

If you’ve been looking for support, encouragement, and friendship to propel your life and business forward — a Mastermind group might be exactly what you’re looking for. My Mastermind group created this video with practical tips to help you find a group.

Several great clients have been passed to me through my group. It’s because the ladies in my group know me. We have meaningful relationships. They know what kind of work I do, how I help, the kind of people I work well with and vice versa. People love recommending people they know, like, and trust.

Join Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are pretty popular these days. The key is finding a group that’s a good fit for you, your personality, and the services you offer. Join several groups that have a mission and purpose you can stand behind. Hang out, decipher people’s motives. Are they helpful? Kind? Uplifting? Do they provide great feedback and genuinely want mutually beneficial business connections?

Get involved in the groups you join and be helpful. Introduce yourself and give a short explanation of what you do for a living. Most groups have a rule against blatantly posting salesy type info (some have certain days set up for self-promotion). Ask questions, ask for feedback, pipe up when you can help with your area of expertise. As folks get to know you and your services they’ll want to hire you or recommend you to others. Give the group a try for a few weeks to get the feel of it and the people in it.

Don’t get discouraged if a group isn’t a good fit. Leave the group and move on. Every group won’t be for you. I prefer joining smaller groups (50-200 people) where people can really get to know you. Yes, the groups with thousands of people can be helpful but don’t get overly consumed trying to keep up with everything that goes on in them. Pop in now and again to offer something helpful.

Community Groups, Workshops, Conferences

Are there organizations in your town you can be part of? Chamber of Commerce? Young Entrepreneurs? Monthly workshops for tech gurus? Participate in live workshops, events, and conferences in your town or around the globe.

When you attend — arrive with a heart and mind that’s ready to know others well. Have meaningful conversations with those in attendance. Don’t swap business cards and leave it at that, go in depth with people. Open up about your success and struggles in business. (No you don’t need to dish everything, but someone may be facing a similar challenge in their own business and you two could find common ground in that conversation. Folks might even offer helpful advice.) Before you share that side of your business test the waters to be sure that vulnerability is appreciated in that setting.

Every group/conference/organization won’t be for you. Try multiple outlets. Stick with the ones that feel genuine and have an atmosphere of camaraderie and helping one another flourish. I try to shy away from groups that have a sleazy feeling standard of “if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”.

LinkedIn Groups

Try connecting with folks within LinkedIn groups. Can you join your college alumni group, a city based group, a global entrepreneurs group on LinkedIn?

While it’s great to join groups that are in your field (fitness trainers, music teachers, graphic designers) for support and to stay up on trends and such, try diversifying your group experience. Look for groups that are multi-disciplinary. You’ll have better luck finding clients who need your services when you’re not always grouped in with folks who offer the same services as you.

Today’s ‘finding new clients’ challenge!

Pick one tip from the list above and put it to work in your business. Which one will you commit to work on today? Let me know in the comments below. And remember… not every group will be for you. Find the ones that work.

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