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Free Worksheets to Help You Finally Reach Your Business Dreams | Passage Hill Studio

You have a big dream, a passion burning bright.

You’ve said, “This week, I’m going to DO MY THING.” Write your book, create your course, start blogging. Another weeks goes by and you haven’t made traction towards your big, lovely goal. It stinks. You doubt your purpose. Your resolve is rattled.

Let’s put an end to those worries! I’ve created worksheets that will help you reach your dreams.

For months I’ve been droning on about wanting to “creative passive income,” and, “be more creative,” and “send people fun things in the mail”. That eventually led to, “open an Etsy shop,” and, “sell designs on Creative Market.” I’d put it on my to-do list but nothing happened. Because, darn it, that’s too big of to-do list item.

How to Gain Traction

Searching for my sister-in-law’s birthday gift fueled my action and led me to accomplish one of my goals this week (aka launching my Etsy shop).

Passage Hill Etsy Shop

She’s a ceramic artist so I stalked her pottery Pinterest board for the perfect mugs. There are 175 pins on that board, from many talented ceramicists. I was mesmerized by several pieces but what I found on a variety of potter’s webpages was abysmal:

  • sad looking, poorly designed websites that were burdensome to navigate
  • directions to call an obscure gallery to check availability
  • no pottery for sale
  • outdated information
  • hard to find links to Etsy shops; shops on vacation (“We’ll be closed for Christmas Break…” Mind you, it was June during my search.)
  • no information about when new products would be available
  • awesome pictures of new work but no way to purchase it
  • date of art fair, in a far-away town, where pottery would be featured
  • no contact information
  • many of them talked about wanting to sell their work, but weren’t doing it

Worksheets to Help You Reach Your Dreams

The thing is… you’re losing out on valuable customers who are more than willing to pay for what we have to offer. You’ll gain traction when you realize you’re missing out on bringing your dreams to fruition and sharing your heart with those who desperately need to hear it.

Learning from a “Dream Liver”…

Sean O'Connell Pottery

At long last, I found Sean O’Connel Pottery. He’s doing it right and living his dream:

  • his site is simple, easy to navigate, and showcases his work well
  • he has an inviting paragraph that directs people to his Etsy shop, tells them how convenient the process is, that he offers custom orders for individual clients and retailers (with a link to contact him), a complete listing of retailers throughout the US that carry his work. Talk about thorough.
  • the “Shop” button is front and center — it takes you directly to his Etsy shop that is full of beautiful products (Looks like his shop is on vacation till August 1st but he’s left a link which takes you to another site that sells his pottery.)
  • I picked the mug I wanted, purchased it in a click or two
  • The mug arrived quickly, was well packaged, and included an informative postcard: “Here’s more of my ceramics.” “Here are my shows.” “Here are my classes.” “Have a look at my website again!”

Purchasing from Sean’s pottery shop was a perfect loop from start to finish. But he’s put the time in. He did the work to sell his work. You can do this too. You’re capable of doing the work.

All You Need is a Plan

When working towards achieving your dreams your brain will be in different modes. Instead of hopping sporadically from mode to mode (creativity/creation, logical/business/calculations) and losing valuable time, I’ve found it helpful to streamline the process of achieving your goals by grouping similar tasks together.

I’ve made worksheets to help you outline a plan and reach your dreams!

They’re what I used to break down the process for achieving my BIG goal of opening my Etsy shop. These worksheets made it attainable + fun. Scribble on them, make them yours. Cross out the titles and insert what’s relevant to you. What matters is that you write down realistic steps so you know exactly what you need to work on. Here’s a sample of my worksheets; take a look at them. They’re rough but will help you fill out your worksheets!

I Want to Look Over Your Plan!

Once you download the worksheets and fill them out, send me an email, say hello, and show me your game plan for moving forward towards your dreams. Accountability always helps! alysa@passagehillstudio.com


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