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Creative ways to share client testimonials on social media without bragging | Passage Hill Studio

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time chances are clients, students, or customers have praised you. It’s exciting and uplifting when people share kind words about what you do. Makes you want to shout them from the mountain top, huh? Let’s explore 11 creative ways to share these glowing testimonials via social media. [Without bragging!]

1) Invite them to celebrate with you.
“Isn’t is great we can follow our dreams? Celebrating the launch of So-and-So’s business, grateful to use my gifts to help her thrive, and humbled by her kind words: [insert testimonial].”

“Kind words like these make my day: [insert testimonial].”

“When I started my business I was a little apprehensive about ____. Today I’m celebrating the opportunities I’ve been given to help my students find their voice through singing lessons. So-and-So’s kind words really warmed my heart: [insert testimonial].”

2) Highlight the client/student/customer.
“Isn’t this student’s artwork amazing? [post picture] It’s been a thrill to teach him and watch as he uncovers his talents. Here’s what he has to say about class: [insert testimonial].”

3) Showcase how you helped solve a problem and tell stories.
“When this client came to me they were confused about [problem]*. After working together for a few sessions it’s incredible to see them tackling their business in a new way. Can’t you just hear the freedom in their voice: [insert testimonial].”

*Be sure your client is okay with you sharing this before post online. Most will and often times address it right in their testimonial.

4) Encourage and compliment your client/student/customer first.
It’s easy to offer a heartfelt compliment or piece of encouragement by tagging your customers or students on social media. No, you’re not fishing for a return compliment but if one arrives, it’s a nice surprise.

“Hey @_____, loved listening to your recent podcast. Awesome job showing people how to live simply.” In return they might say something like, “Thanks @______! You really helped narrow my focus with [your service/product you offer].”

“You were loads of fun to work with @_____! Hope you have an awesome week at your new yarn shop!” In return they might say, “Oh gosh @____, thanks for helping us #market our business so well! Can’t wait to see new customers walk through the door.”

5) Use it as a moment to teach what you know.“When So-and-So and I started to work together he needed a few tips about finding awesome stock photos online. I pointed him to these sources — perhaps you’d appreciate them too: [list sources].Here’s what he’s been enjoying about the sites so far: [insert testimonial].”

6) Share in moderation.
If you have five super-duper testimonials to share, it’s okay to space them out. Schedule to share one every few weeks or so. Balance testimonials out with helpful posts that serve your clients, students, or customers.

7) Be humble.
No need to say things like, “Oh my gosh I’m amazing! Check out how cool So-and-So thinks it is to work with me: [testimonial].”

Instead say something like, “I’m grateful for clients who allow me to use my gifts to help them bloom: [insert testimonial].”

8) Remember your ‘why’.
Why are you running your business in the first place? It’s probably not for constant praise and accolades — there’s heart behind it, I’m sure. Reiterate that when you share testimonials.

“I started my business to help busy moms spend more time with their families. It’s refreshing to know I’m making progress towards this…one awesome mom at a time: [insert testimonial.]”

9) Put them on your site under a testimonial section.
List your testimonials on your website under a section dedicated for kind words from clients or students. Every now and then offer a simple and modest post on social media. “If you’ve been thinking about connecting with me to work on [insert business or problem] and wondering what it’s like — my students say it best: [insert link to your testimonial page].”

10) Study people who do it well.
You’re online a lot. If you follow any businesses at all — notice how they share testimonials. Keep an eye on how entrepreneurs [that don’t annoy you or sound brag-y] share kind words from customers and clients. Put your own spin on it and follow suite.

11) Get creative!
Instead of posting their words into the body of social media posts, consider other ways you can convey the same material. Take a picture of a thank you note or email on your computer and share that instead. Write some kind words on your white board and snap a shot of that. Grab a picture with your favorite student or customer and post it online (with their permission of course) by their testimonial. It’ll add depth to your business and social media accounts.

Most of all, share from your heart and personality. Share in a style that feels comfortable for you. If you need help being yourself and infusing that into the daily life of your work… this will help.

So which tip will you try first? Tell me in the comments below and offer a few of your clever testimonial sharing ideas too! 

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