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Logo Designer, Brand Designer, Passage Hill Studio, West Michigan Here’s a sneak peak of the logo I’m working on for a local church.
Sketches for Logo, Brand Developer, Passage Hill Studio Some initial ideations and sketches helped me flesh out the ideas of community/connection, faith, and love. It helps to put it all down on paper before I head to the computer for the logo design process.
Logo Design, Passage Hill Studio Here I took the concepts further and continued to developed logos.
Graphic Designer, Brand Developer, Passage Hill Studio, West Michigan Using some of the elements from another version, I created another logo that has a very ’tiled/paneled’ feel to it.

If you’re looking to partner up with a designer for your business or non-profit — let’s connect. When we work together you’ll spend more time doing what you love and while I work on developing the visuals for you!

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