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Asking for Help Transforms Your Life | Passage Hill Studio

This morning’s painting is a reminder for you and me — that we find help when we ask.

“You do not have, because you do not ask…”*

What don’t you have because you’re not asking? Answers to your WordPress questions? Your paintings hung in the next gallery show? Help with the kids so you can watch a late night business webinar? Ideas of how to reach your ideal customers? A logo and brand you’re proud of?

What are you up against today? How could asking for what you need transform your life or business? If there’s something I can help YOU with — ASK AWAY!

And since we’re going to be brave today with our asks…

Here’s my ask: I’m filling up my design schedule for the next two months and referrals are one of the ways I grow my business. If you know someone who’d love to have me as their graphic designer feel free to share my site with them. And if that someone is you… hop on over to the contact page and let’s start a conversation.

I ask because I LOVE helping daring entrepreneurs and soulful non-profits live their dreams through good design — because their dreams enrich others’ lives and help our world thrive. I ask because helping businesses grow while supporting my family through my home studio makes my heart soar.

Your mission today… ASK FOR WHAT YOU NEED.
(And here’s a free DESKTOP WALLPAPER for a reminder!)

*James 4:2b – 3

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