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If you want more whimsey, color, inspiration, and hope in your life — get to know this amazing woman! Kristi of Kristi Lynn Studio is an incredibly vibrant and talented artist that I’ve had the pleasure of working with recently. We’ve collaborated on various parts of her branding to bring her website vision to life. Below you’ll find the logos that I designed for her studio. Would you look at those precious flowers (drawn by Kristi)?! I hand lettered her studio name and am taken with the playfulness of it. Kristi Lynn Studio | Logo & Branding | Passage Hill Studio, Fremont, MI
Kristi chose the logo on the bottom, which nicely compliments the vivid colors in many of her pieces. I created several lacy branding elements, hand drawn navigation buttons, and social media icons for her website. I added plenty of little flourishes to her site and I’m so happy it’s live so we can share it with each and every one of you! It’s been fun to hand letter for this project, instead of simply using a pre-made font.

Custom Branding for Kristi Lynn Studio | Designed by Passage Hill Studio, Fremont, MI

Kristi was in Artprize Seven and I created the postcards she handed out by her display. Aren’t each of these portraits incredible? And to think she painted 100 of them.


We also collaborated on her business cards.


Of course it’s time to share Kristi’s incredible artistic talent. You can see her most recent work here.


There’s something about her work that energizes me and evokes radiant hope in my soul. Artists who share their gifts, passions, and talents with the world are a blessing. With each brush stroke Kristi adds meaning, grace, and splendor to this world and I’m eager to see how her journey unfolds.

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