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Logo Designed by Passage Hill Studio I’ve been working on a rebranding and logo project for Nick and Shae of www.VeggieMealMaker.com. If you’d like to meet and learn from some truly authentic people – head over to their website. The logo above is the one that I designed for their website. In addition to the logo, the rebranding included my recommendations for fonts, colors, and consultation of their website layout.

Here’s a variation of the logo with an icon included:

www.veggiemealmaker.comAnother alternate logo – on the left, and larger view of the icon is shown here – on the right:

I’m in the process of creating several hand drawn icons and other web elements for their site:

Veggie Meal Maker Icons | Passage Hill Studio | Alysa Passage

These are the initial hand drawn rough drafts of the logos:

Graphic Designer West Michigan | Passage Hill Studio | Alysa Passage

It’s been a fun process to revise the logos with Nick and Shae and I can’t wait to see how the entire website comes together!

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